Go Green

“Going green” has many applications in today’s economic climate. Whether their goal is saving money, protecting the environment, or both, many of this country’s top employers are finding that commute option programs are a great way to start.

The average private automobile emits approximately one pound of pollutants per every mile driven. So, a work commuter traveling 20 miles per day produces 420 pounds of harmful pollutants per month or 5040 pounds of pollutants per year. If you have 100 employees, that’s a total of 504,000 pounds per year that’s generated by one employment site. In Tallahassee, State of Florida employees alone generate as much as 201,600,000 pounds of harmful air pollutants every year.

Sustainable commute options like carpooling, vanpooling, and public transit can significantly reduce these numbers. Carpooling, for instance, can reduce those numbers by half while bicycling, walking, and telework have the potential to eliminate those numbers altogether.

Sustainable commute option programs also save an employer money. Studies have indicated that employees who participate in employer-supported commute option programs are more motivated and morale is greater. Such programs also strengthen employee recruitment and retention. From a cost perspective, reduced parking is perhaps the most significant benefit.

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