Fuel Price Survival Guide

Gas prices are once again on the rise in the Tallahassee area. In the past month, the average cost for a gallon of fuel has increased an average of $.48/gallon or 13%. That means higher commuting costs and less money in your pocket. But, there’s good news too. Here are some simple economical and environmentally responsible actions you can make to your daily commute that will more than offset the rise in fuel prices.

CarpoolingShare the Ride (& cost)

Carpooling is an easy and effective way to reduce fuel consumption and subsequent commuting costs. Commuter Services of North Florida offers a FREE computerized ridematching system to help work commuters locate neighbors and co-workers with whom they can share the ride. Remember, carpooling just 3 days per week will more than offset recent price increases. To receive a free, no-obligation matchlist, simply call Commuter Services or use our online EZRide system.


Vanpooling is the perfect option for larger commuting groups traveling longer distances. It can also save you thousands of dollars each year. Commuter Services, vRide Inc., and the Florida DOT are currently offering a special discounted rural vanpool program which offsets up to 50% of the capital and operating costs. Call us or visit our vanpool page for more information.

TransitRide the Bus

StarMetro provides fast and friendly transit service to residents throughout Tallahassee. Fares are currently $1.25 per trip. It’s even cheaper when you purchase a discounted monthly pass. The Gadsden Express is a great option for Quincy and Midway residents. The Gadsden Express provides daily express transit service between Quincy and Tallahassee for only $1/trip.

BikingSave Money While Getting Healthier

Bicycling and walking are two of the oldest and most reliable forms of transportation available. Commuting costs are reduced to practically zero and you get healthier in the process. Numerous trails and paths connect many parts of the region. Visit biketallahassee.com for more information.


Employers can provide a valuable and yet low-cost benefit to employees by allowing them to work at home one or more days per week. Employers who offer telework and support other commute option programs increase employee morale which in turn increases productivity and improves retention and recruitment.

FlextimeWork 40 in 4

Employers can also boost employee productivity through compressed work week scheduling. Condensing an employee’s work week from 5 days to 4 reduces that employee’s commute and commute-related expenses by at least 20%.

Emergency Ride Home ProgramGo from Car-Free to Carefree

If the cost savings aren’t enough, Commuter Services of North Florida also offers a FREE emergency ride home. This program provides free transportation home in the event of an emergency and is available to commuters who carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, bike, or walk to work at least 3 days per week.

No one really knows how long or how high gas prices in the Tallahassee area will go, but there’s no need to let the worry ruin your day. With simple changes to your daily commute, you can more than recoup these added expenses now and in the future. And employers can also get involved by promoting commute options at their work site.

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