Emergency Ride Home Program

Getting to work by carpool, vanpool, bus, cycling, or walking can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Still, when you must work late or leave early for an emergency, you need a quick and reliable way home. The Emergency Ride Home Program has you covered.

Commuter Services offers this program at no charge to qualified commuters and gives you peace of mind knowing that if an emergency does arise, you’re home free — literally.

Enrollment is Easy!

Step One

You must live or work in our service area and commute to work at least three days per week by carpool, vanpool, walk, bus, or bike. If you carpool or vanpool, each member receives their own voucher, so list everyone. Use additional forms if necessary.  Please note that the ERH Program is for work-based trips only.

Step Two

Fill out the Emergency Ride Home Program registration form. Once completed, mail your form to:

Commuter Services of North Florida
Florida State University
821 Academic Way, Room 222
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110

You may also fax the completed form to (850) 644-6231 — Attn: Pat Maurer.

Step Three

Once registered, you will receive a Emergency Ride Home voucher in the mail. Keep it someplace safe but accessible at work. If you need to use the voucher, simply follow the directions printed on the back of it. You get safely home, and Commuter Services gets the bill.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifies as an emergency?
A: If your child gets sick and you are the only one able to pick him/her up, that qualifies as an emergency. If your pool driver went home sick, or your supervisor asks you to work late without prior notice, that would also qualify. There are many other cases that could be considered emergencies; these are just a few examples.

Since the Emergency Ride Home works on the honor system, use your best discretion when determining what could be considered an emergency. Remember, the only way we can continue to provide this service free of cost is with proper use.

Q: I pool with my spouse. Does that qualify as a carpool?
A: Absolutely! Any two adults who share the ride at least three days per week are eligible.

Q: Am I limited to a certain number of uses?
A: No. When you use a voucher, you will receive a new one within a few days. If an uncommon number of vouchers are being used within a given period, you may be asked to limit your use of the program.  And we do reserve the right to disqualify commuters for abuse of the program.

Q: If the program is free to me, who pays for it?
A: The Emergency Ride Home Program is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation as part of its efforts to encourage the use of commute options.

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