A Simple Alternative

Carpooling is so popular because it’s so easy! Co-workers and neighbors meet and share the cost of traveling to and from work.

Even if you only carpool a few days a week, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year in reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Plus, you’re doing your part to be eco-friendly.

Find Carpool Partners

EZ-Ride is free and easy to use. Through it, you can locate neighbors and co-workers who have also expressed an interest in carpooling or vanpooling.

You decide who you would like to pool with and how often. If a compatible match isn’t found right away, check back periodically to see if any new people have joined or contact a Customer Service representative by calling toll free, 888-454-RIDE.

Get started now!

Common Concerns

“I’d like to participate, but I need to have my vehicle.” You can use your list of matches to find riders to join an existing carpool.

“I’d like to participate, but I’m not a driver.” Make a note on your application and Commuter Services will help you find a match that meets your needs.

“What if I have an emergency and I don’t have my car?” If you pool at least three days a week you will qualify for the Commuter Services Emergency Ride Home Program — a cost-free service that provides a cab ride when you are unable to use your normal mode of transportation.


Concerned about privacy? So are we. Lists of potential matches are distributed with work location and contact information you designate to share. Your home address is strictly confidential and is only used by Commuter Services to help you find practical and convenient matches.

Receiving Your Potential Matches

When you submit a request, you will receive a list of potential matches and how you can contact them. You decide who you would like to pool with and how often. If no match is found, contact a Commuter Services customer service representative by calling toll free, 888-454-RIDE. You can also log into your user profile anytime to check for new matches.

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