Bicycle commuting is a great way to stay in shape, and it can save you hundreds of dollars each year in reduced commuting costs.


The Tallahassee region is blessed with a multitude of bike lanes and bike trails.  In fact, it is sometimes referred to as “Trail-ahassee.”  As a resident, you can take advantage of all that the area has to offer by riding your bike to work and/or school.


The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Commuting

According to recent reports by AAA, the cost of owning and operating a car averages approximately $6500/year (excluding insurance).  Comparatively, many experts estimate the cost of owning and operating a bicycle costs between $200 and $300 per year.

And you aren’t the only one who benefits financially from bicycle commuting.  Employers benefit by reducing parking demand and increasing the health and productivity of their employees.  For example, the average cost of a surface parking space is approximately $6000 ($15,000 for a space in a garage) while the space for a bicycle is about $600.


The Health Benefits of Bicycle Commuting

With growing concern about adult and childhood obesity and increases in diabetes, bicycle commuting can be part of a larger remedy.  A leisurely bike ride can burn up to 300 calories an hour which is important if you’re trying to lose weight.

For Workplace Wellness Coordinators, bicycle commuting is a great tool to improve employee health which can reduce employer-paid insurance plans.  Commuter Services of North Florida offers FREE Safe Cycling classes for employers and their employees, either as a Lunch & Learn session or as a day long, hands-on seminar. Request a class today!

Commuter Services’ staff is also available to participate in your work site health fair, providing information and incentives to support employees choosing to adopt a more active lifestyle. Contact Pat Maurer by email or phone toll-free, 888-454-RIDE (7433).


Bicycle Safety

Safety is a common and legitimate concern among new and seasoned bicycle commuters.  Commuter Services of North Florida, in partnership with the Florida Bicycle Association, offers FREE Safe Cycling classes for adults. This two-day class will help you choose a bike,  plan a route, and provide invaluable insight into the hidden challenges of traveling by bike!


Find a Bike Buddy

Concerns about safety and trip planning are major roadblocks for individuals who want to commute by bike but aren’t sure how.  Commuter Services’ Bike Buddy ridematching system matches novice cyclists with veteran riders who then ride together to address routing, safety, timing, clothing, and a host of other practical experiences.

If you want to become a Bike Buddy, simply register Commuter Services’ EZRide program or contact Commuter Services at 1-888-454-RIDE or


Go from Car-Free to Carefree

If you do commute to work by bike at least 3 days per week, you qualify for Commuter Services Emergency Ride Home Program.  This program provides a free taxi ride home when an emergency arises that makes getting home quickly critical.


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