Find Carpool Partners

EZ Ride

Find carpool and vanpool partners instantly using Commuter Services’ online EZ Ride system. Simply set up a profile and check to see if there are co-workers or neighbors with whom you can pool. You can also update your profile and check the status of your match 24 hours a day. And remember, you are never obligated to use a matchlist once it is generated. You can call 1-888-454-RIDE and request a manual ridematch.

Always Have a Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home Program

If you currently carpool, vanpooling, ride the bus, bike, or walk to work at least 3 days per week, you qualify for Commuter Services’ free Emergency Ride Home Program. This program provides a free taxi ride home when emergencies arise and still allows you to save money by using a commute option.

Gadsden Express

Gadsden Express

Gadsden County, in partnership with Commuter Services, FDOT, and StarMetro, recently launched the Gadsden Express – a daily express transit service between Quincy and Tallahassee. This service is a great option for work commuters, and a one-way fare is only $1. For more information, download a program brochure.

Florida Rural Vanpool Program

Florida Rural Vanpool Program

FDOT, in coordination with Commuter Services and VPSI, is currently sponsoring a specially discounted vanpool lease program for rural residents. Through this program, you can save up to 60% on traditional vanpool leasing and fueling costs. Learn more about the Florida Rural Vanpool Program.

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